Consuelo joined the SoloHope team in 2015 and has been fun addition. A hard worker with a dry sense of humor, the group would not be the same without her. Consuelo and her husband have four children—Jorge (19), Doris (16), Yoni (15), and Heidi (14).

Consuelo shared with us how tremedously her work with SoloHope has impacted her and her family. As a young child, Consuelo's family did not have sufficient funds for school supplies and she only had one piece of paper for homework. Each night she would do her homework in pencil, take it to school the next day to be checked and then return home, erase the previous night's homework to then write that night's homework on the same piece of paper. Today she is so proud that she has a job that allows her to provide all the needed school supplies for her children that are still completing school.

Additionally, Consuelo's work has allowed her to help support her husband who has suffered with stomach pains for a long time and is unable to work. Consuelo faithfully takes care of him while staying just as dedicated to her work with SoloHope. She says her husband from time to time on good days even jumps in to help her with her work to prep the pine needles to be used for product. Consuelo's determined spirit to overcome obstacles and deep love for her family is inspiring.