Emilee has always had a fascination and deep interest in serving Christ among other cultures and nations. In 2002, Emilee visited Honduras for the first time and so began her deep love for the country and its people. She continued to travel to Honduras on short-term and extended trips. She soon learned about the challenges the women of Honduras faced and realized the desperate need for jobs.

In 2012, with a random idea for bracelets created from pine needles + thread, Emilee began this SoloHope journey. It has been a roller coaster ride ever since requiring a God-given determination to persevere in the good times and hard times. In 2013, Emilee quit her full-time job in the States and began to pursue SoloHope full-time.

Over the years, Emilee has made a lot of mistakes and cultural blunders and faced lots of highs and lows but has learned that hope is always worth it. In 2016, Emilee met and married her now husband, Ever in Honduras. She and her husband reside full-time in Honduras where they both work as boots on the ground to grow SoloHope.

Emilee is a Georgia girl through and through who loves to say “y’all” and may or may not speak Spanish with a bit of a Southern accent. She and her husband await the arrival of a baby boy in the summer.