Meet the Artisans

Over the past two years, we've had the marvelous privilege of working with the SoloHope artisans in Honduras to create new products and grow new projects. It's been greatest joy. To see these women begin to dream again. To think outside of the box. To now begin to employ others. No words can describe how proud we are of them. They don't give up. They are resilient. In times of difficulty or when we are tempted to complain, we remember their strength and determination. Allow us to introduce you to our amazing artisan partners. 


Dilcia was our first artisan and has really become our lead designer. Without her, sketches on pieces of paper would never come to life. She is so creative and talented. She was raised by her grandmother after her mother's second husband became abusive. Her mother was unwilling to leave her husband and so Dilcia went to live with her grandmother. A few years ago Dilcia who is married with one daughter was very discouraged and depressed, she went to church where the church members prayed for her and told her a blessing would be coming soon. Dilcia believes that blessing was SoloHope.


Maribel is driven and has a business savvy mind. Such a hard worker. She was one of the first to set up a bank account out of the SoloHope artisans. She's the most outspoken of the SoloHope artisans. She loves her two children and is also responsible for her niece. Growing up, Maribel and her siblings lived literally for years on their own without their parents as their parents had simply left them behind when they moved to a different community. They reunited years later. Maribel demonstrates every day how determined she is that her children will experience a different childhood from what she did and they do as she is an awesome mom!


Karina is the youngest artisan. Our founder has known Karina since she was a little girl and now she has a little girl! (By the way, her little girl's name is Emilee after our founder!!) Karina is usually quietest of the bunch and has a Mona Lisa smile that makes you think she knows something you don't. The more we get to know Karina, the more we learn about the dreams she had that she had long since packed away thinking they were impossible. It is our hope that through her work with SoloHope that she will begin to see the world of possibilities around her and if at some point that moves her to more than SoloHope, we will be her biggest cheerleader! 

{Since the beginning of this year, we have added another four artisan partners in Honduras. Their names are Xiomara, Consuela, Gloria and Windi. All of which are such beautiful resilient souls that we feel so privileged to get to know and work with in the future.}